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Three seconds, seven words.

Web banners and billboards are in view for less than three seconds and should contain at most seven words. Most blog posts should be shorter, too.

Would you like a receipt with that?

Last weekend I was buying several bits and pieces of plumbing at Home Depot. And then I saw something unexpected, simple, and sort of brilliant. It was a simple question on the keypad: “Would you like to have your receipt emailed to you?” At long last, someone out there is starting to get it. OfferContinue Reading

Is your marketing so good it’s mistaken for a service?

Hard to believe that Special K has been around since 1956. Since then, Kellogg has grown the brand to include 10 varieties of cereal, plus protein bars, protein shakes, snacks, cereal bars, fruit crisps, crackers, and even water mixes. But the amazing part of what Kellogg has done is that they aren’t seen as simplyContinue Reading

Are you defending your pain?

Life is full of little annoyances. Everyone of us has something that has been nagging at our brains, something we know is wrong and just needs to be fixed. Minor irritations that drive you crazy, day after day. Sometimes those little annoyances even evolve into major ones. No, I’m not talking about mosquitos, bedbugs, orContinue Reading

New riders, new members

Here’s an interesting statistic from the motorcycling world: In 2001, the average age of a motorcycle rider was 40 years. In 2010, the average age of a motorcycle rider was 49 years. It should be pretty obvious that this is a Problem. A Big Problem. When the average age of your consumer increases by nineContinue Reading

Blow it up and start over

Ever hear of Simple? Ally?¬†Bluebird? Much has already been written about “The Future of Consumer Banking” and “What Will Happen When Walmart Starts Banking”. Well, I guess we have at least three distinct answers now. Aside from the zoomy tech and the direct, personal copy style, what I find most interesting about all of theseContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Smart Disclosure isn’t about compliance. It’s about growth.

This post isn’t about the tiny mouse type at the bottom of your ads. It’s about the information that companies have about consumers. It’s about the shift in thinking that this personal data has value, and that people should be able to see who has what of their personal information, and who they are sharingContinue Reading

The $50 question

We’re all accustomed to the “race to the bottom.” It’s easy to think of things to give away (free online banking, free bill pay, free overdraft protection, free checks, lower rates), but it’s a lot harder to add a large amount of value. (It’s even harder to actually ask for money.) So I’d like toContinue Reading

The very best of the best

Happy New Year! We’re ringing in the new, but I thought, as a public service, I’d list some of our most widely read/commented on articles of the past year. It’s a great way to catch up on one you may have missed or may spark an idea you didn’t have the first time around. SocialContinue Reading

Have you got the guts?

Financial stuff is pretty important. Most people take it pretty seriously. Not necessarily a lot of fun there. But there isn’t anything funny about being hit by a train either, yet this Public Service Announcement from the New Zealand Metro brings a great deal of humor and cuteness to a very serious subject. And becauseContinue Reading